Some of the families of Yardley Hastings, Northamptonshire, England

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This area contains the research data that I have collected on some of the families of Yardley Hastings. The surnames involved are Bedford, Downing, Minney, Undertwood and Wooding. In 2007 I added members of the Lack family initially from information sent my Ken Hancocks and Ivor Jones; and in 2008 the Minney family with information from Paul Pettit, but with extras from my own research. These are names that I have found in the censuses, and in the local parish records, and in the records of Independent churches in Yardley Hastings and nearby.

There are currently 1965 names in this list. I have now embedded the notes in the main pages, so it is not necessary to jump to another page to see the notes.

A few of these people are related to me, but most are not. I must also give credit to other people who have corresponded with me concerning some of these names, and who have added to the data I personally viewed from source records. I have tried to acknowledge these kind people in the notes about the individuals they helped me with. Special note should go to Sheree Facey who studied unplublished records from the Independent Chapel in the village.

As usual if you wish to use this information you are advised to check the sources yourself if you are able to do so, to avoid errors in copying that I may have made. If you find errors or can make additions please e-mail me. Thank you.