Families of the Parish of Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire,England

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    NOTE. There are now 8758 people listed here. This is slightly more than last time but there have been additions to data on some of the older names and linking together of people listed twice, mostly provided by kind descendants of the individuals concerned.

    A warning on spelling. I originally tried to follow the spelling of names in the original documents, but as this varies from document to document for the same person or family I have starting standardising the spelling to the most commonly used one. When looking for a name it would still pay to search alternative spellings in the name lists.

    The names are shown in family groups, except for individuals shown in one of the censuses. I have only taken names from the Parish records where I could place them in a family.

    Notes are available for each person. These are important because I have written details on each place that I have found a reference to the individual. I have also noted the names of people who have provided information, and occassionally stated where I have doubts about some data. These are now given after the main entry of each name, so there is not need to go to a specail notes page.

    Sources The individuals here are from the censuses (1821 and 1841 to 1901) and parish records of baptisms, marriages, and burials from 1700 to 1900. There are also additions and corrections given to me by others who have read these pages. In some cases extra information has been found in the Ashton or Roade censuses or parish records and added here, or a reference to those pages has been inserted. If you wish details of the records found for any individual please e-mail me, but first look at the notes for the people you are interested in. In some cases people may be linked to the wrong families, please e-mail me at normtew@tech2u.com.au if you find errors. Thank you.

    The two villages of Stoke Bruerne and Shutlanger used to form the ecclesiastical parish of Stoke Bruerne, so details are included here for people who lived in Shutlanger.

    Thanks to those people who sent me new information or corrected errors, this page is really the sum of work from many friends, most of whom I have never met.