Families of Ashton (near Roade), Northamptonshire,England

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    There are now 3931 names here.
    Special thanks must be given to Helen Weybury who transcribed most of the parish records and to Josie de Moor and Elizabeth Hickey who checked our work. However, I take full responsibility for errors that have arisen in collating these records into families, and onto the web. Also thanks to descendants of Ashton residents (especially Judith Langhorn), who have also contributed to this work. Corrections and additions are always welcome. Look at the notes on individuals in these families for credit concerning data given to me by others.
    "A Scrapbook of Ashton" was published by the Ashton Women's Institure in 1953. The Women's Institure no longer exists, but their book is a wonderful source of genealogical data based on the actual parish records and memories of parish residents. Since that book was published the parish registers are more freely available on microfiche and census data which was not available in 1953 has been released.